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Created in May 2007, "équi-ressources" is a platform for information and services whose aim is to connect job offers and applications regarding employments and internships in the horse industry. This organisation is the result of a partnership between the Equine Cluster (Pôle de compétitivité filière équine), the French Agency for Employment (Pôle emploi), the Regional Council of Normandy (conseil regional de Basse Normandie) and the National Stud (Institut Français du Cheval et de l’Equitation).

Its main objective is precisely to gather in one place scattered data to improve their accessibility. The quality of the network of partners is a key factor in the effectiveness of the system.

The role of équi-ressources :
  • collect the offers with an advisory role towards employers, respond to job applications, welcome and advise people,
  • get in touch with the employers who offered jobs, the candidates, trainees, apprentices or employees that fit the profile requested, in all sectors of the horse industry,
  • inform the schools, students, job seekers and professionals on trainings and jobs in the horse industry and facilities,
  • set up and run an observatory of employment, jobs and training of the horse industry in close collaboration with the actors involved including public and private partners,
  • produce indicators (qualitative and quantitative ones).
The international dimension of équi-ressources :

The service also has an international dimension, with a dual mission of offering job opportunities for French people abroad in order to increase the international growth of France’s equine competences, and foster the development of vocational courses in France for foreigners.

Equi-ressources is commited to :
  • Helping with the redaction and formulation of your job description and/or internship offers (including translations)
  • Gathering the applications and proceeding with a shortlisting according to the applicants’ profiles and the competences required for the position
  • Furthermore, foreign candidates willing to work in France can apply for a job on équi-ressources.
Your contact équi-ressources : 

Email : cbertrand@afasec.fr
Tel : + 33 (0)3 44 62 41 66 
Adress : AFASEC Allée de Jardy 60 635 Chantilly France

The UNIC is in charge of the promotion and development of the French equine sector internationally. Thanks to its experience and know-how in about 30 countries, the UNIC is committed to :
  • Meeting the shortlisted applicants selected by équi-ressources, organising job interviews in order to guarantee the suitability of the applicant for the job
  • Undertaking the post-recruitment follow-up of the selected applicants
  • Offering a psychological preparation for expatriation (integration and adaptation of the applicant to the local culture)
  • Helping with the logistics if needed
  • Guaranteeing the arrival conditions and the right undertaking of the job once on site
  • Assisting the expatriate applicants in their first weeks of activity and keeping in touch afterwards according to your instructions.
Your contact UNIC :

Erik Grandière
Email : e.grandiere@chevalunic.fr
Tel : +33 (0)2 43 40 53 41
Port : +33 (0)6 89 89 32 61